Let me tell you why this is my favorite picture of my yoga practice.  This picture was taken at sunrise on International Yoga Day a few years ago on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.  My 6 year old son joined me for a shared collective yoga experience with several other yogis across D.C.  As the sun rose and we moved through sun salutations, we fell into a natural rhythm of breath and call and response chanting of positive and affirming mantras.  It was a stunning opening to a beautiful day.  This picture alone seems to capture all of that for me.  Love and joy and hope rising and beaming from my heart with the strength of the sun and leaving that positive indelible impression on the mind of my own son.  Using my tangible body to express intangible concepts was a very powerful exchange for me.


To me, that is yoga.

My most treasured lesson from several years of yoga practice is to set an intention.  That day on the Mall represented so much intention; so much inner connection.  Being intentional in the approach to personal health and fitness can provide so many rich benefits, filling our hearts, minds and bodies with the hope and strength of possibility.

I bring all of that to my yoga practice and to my yoga services.  It is not nearly as intense as it sounds.  It often feels more like a gentle breeze, a calm quiet voice, the gentle stroke of a tender beloved grandmother.  Many use yoga for sport, athleticism, relaxation or just stretching and then they come to find that an intentional practice brings so much more to their lives, including a deeper connection within their own selves.  I’d be honored to share that journey with you.

Join me for my next offering of yoga sessions starting January 23, 2017 at Nation House in Washington, D.C.  More information is available here.