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Fitness and wellness are essentials for a fulfilling life.  Balance and order are at the heart of physical success and by being patient and faithful to the journey, you can realize untapped endurance and strength in your life.


Welcome to our page.  We are excited to offer personal services to help individuals and small groups get started with running and yoga goals.

Why Running and Yoga?  

Interest and participation in these two fitness areas has dramatically increased in the last few years.  Although only 1% of people are marathoners, more people are running 5k’s, 10k’s and even full marathons than ever before.  The euphoria of crossing more and challenging finish lines is a powerful lure to the more accomplishment driven of us.  All that running means more people training – newer runners have lots of questions, and intermediate runners are always looking to improve upon personal records.

Despite the incredible rise in popularity in yoga in the last decade, it is still a stepchild in some parts of the running community, but, these two fitness practices should coexist – especially for runners.  The mechanics of running, when done properly, naturally build some degree of tension within the body.  Yoga, as a steady practice, helps release some of that tension and can improve the capacity of muscles for better running mechanics.

Besides, someone in your group of friends already practices yoga, and another of your friends is likely a runner.  All you have to do is invite them to a tasty brunch after a post-run yoga session.  What a great way to connect them both!

About Akoma*Fit

From running to yoga, we offer personalized service to aid you in creating a plan to align with your goals. Though you’ll have boutique service, don’t think we’ll go easy on you. We’re here to help you achieve pushing beyond your comfortable boundaries. Nothing amazing was ever accomplished by doing the minimum.


Let me tell you why this is my favorite picture of my yoga practice.  This picture was taken at sunrise on International Yoga Day a few years ago on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.  My 6 year old son joined me for a shared … Continue reading Yoga


Our personal services help individuals and small groups either getting started with running and yoga goals or building upon progress or current accomplishments.  As a certified running coach and yoga teacher, I offer individual coaching and teaching services for both running and yoga, but I also promote yoga for runners of all skill levels. Thinking … Continue reading Running