Waking up in my own bed after an 11 day European journey is a sweet pleasure. I've just spent 11 days teaching my young son about passion and embodying passion to him. I took on my second (of six total) World Major Marathon - the Berlin Marathon. It was a beautiful day and an amazing … Continue reading Passion

Runners Body

Racing season is upon us! Many of us are clocking miles and stepping up our training. Throughout the winter, our socials regularly reminded us that "summer bodies are made in the winter". Most of us kick things into high gear around this time -- mid to late spring - with the intention of getting our … Continue reading Runners Body

Marathoning: The Ultimate Test

Compared to previous years, with my crazed goals (2 half marathons a month and 5 full marathons in 9 months), this has been a relatively quiet race year for me.  Of the 3 halfs (yes, that’s technically grammatically incorrect)  I’ve registered for, weather conditions have only allowed me to half heartedly complete 2. Two full marathons … Continue reading Marathoning: The Ultimate Test

Rest day…

Training for our next great challenge makes us stronger, builds our determination, discipline and will power. Training enables us to take on any conquest and come out victorious!  It makes us into amazing beings! It also drains us.  Like life, it can tax us in unexpected way -- ways that require reflection and renewal. For … Continue reading Rest day…

A Runner’s Glory: Don’t Let a Change in Plans Derail Your Goals

At some point in our glamorous (or fictionally glamorous) running journeys, we will encounter obstacles.   Sometime those obstacles will inhibit our progress and other times they will simply be an unavoidable nuisance.  How we choose to cope or engage with those obstacles  is really important.  Fortunately, if you are committed to being a runner, you're already equipped with … Continue reading A Runner’s Glory: Don’t Let a Change in Plans Derail Your Goals

First (Fit) Days of the New Year

Well, hello hello.  Easing into the New Year, many of us over indulged and are now eager to make amends.  I know, I'm there, too.  Gleefully and mischievously, the sugar monster seduced me with strawberry cake, sweet potato pie, Crémè Brûlée and a myriad of holiday beverages. Although I let my discipline slide for a few … Continue reading First (Fit) Days of the New Year