Many focused sweaty faces welcomed me as I entered my gym this morning. I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised to see so many of the class of 2018 sticking around into the second month. I know it's only the dawn of February, but I'm hopeful! These brave souls are MOTIVATED!! Being confronted with the reality … Continue reading Turning MOTIVATION into HABIT

Staying fit, Staying focused

This is the time of the year when everyone is in vision boarding, New-Year-New-You heaven. It's highly inspired and inspiring. Everyone is resetting, refreshing, and renewing. So as a person who keeps this lifestyle pretty constant, I often ask myself, how can I maintain my focus. Last year, I decided to diversify my fitness experiences … Continue reading Staying fit, Staying focused

Marathoning: The Ultimate Test

Compared to previous years, with my crazed goals (2 half marathons a month and 5 full marathons in 9 months), this has been a relatively quiet race year for me.  Of the 3 halfs (yes, that’s technically grammatically incorrect)  I’ve registered for, weather conditions have only allowed me to half heartedly complete 2. Two full marathons … Continue reading Marathoning: The Ultimate Test

Rest day…

Training for our next great challenge makes us stronger, builds our determination, discipline and will power. Training enables us to take on any conquest and come out victorious!  It makes us into amazing beings! It also drains us.  Like life, it can tax us in unexpected way -- ways that require reflection and renewal. For … Continue reading Rest day…

When the weather won’t let you be great!

You've been doing an awesome job of staying on track with your workout plan, your classes or even crushing your Fitbit steps.  Then, a snowstorm, tsunami, high dustbowl winds [or other terrible weather event]  strikes and completely obliterates your efforts to be great!  What do you do? I know it's tempting to curl up with … Continue reading When the weather won’t let you be great!

Making Fitness YOUR Thing in 5 Simple Steps

We all have our thing.  The thing that brings us immersesurable joy, the thing that we're known for among our friends, the thing we try to convert others to so they too can experience the euphoric completeness our thing brings, a non-relationship BAE - Before All Else - that we're happy to share with others, … Continue reading Making Fitness YOUR Thing in 5 Simple Steps