Stepping Back to Move Forward

I’m sure you’ve seen those cartoons where some unfortunate character runs into a pole or wall, falls back in a daze, gets up, repeats the same thing another time or two again, and then backs up for the scene to pan out to show that there are other options around the obstacle. Roadrunner and Wylie Coyote or Tom and Jerry come to mind most easily.

This past week, I’ve been thinking of my running a bit like that. Minding my own business, doing my training runs, stretching, foam rolling, but still hitting a wall with a new friend – hip pain. Because I’ve never had hip pain before, I’m apprehensive of what plague this might be. I’m sure it’s an overuse injury compounded by a lack of focus and possibly the creep of age… but hopefully I’m just imaging that last one.

What do you do when this happens to you, when some unwanted surprise creeps up and throws you off your game? Well, what is the easy thing to do? To stop, of course. Your know, it’s an obstacle, it must be telling you to stop, right? Not necessarily. What if it’s just telling you to go a different direction?

Do we tend to respect or accept redirection? I think not. We are our own best experts, right? Even children are obstinate when presented with the requirement to do something different than what they want, but the unwillingness to listen can be dangerous. Ignoring warning signs can truly have deleterious consequences, beyond just some comedy laughs.

In my case, my body is saying, “Hey lady, step back, look at the whole picture. Go a different way!” Something difference obviously needs to be done. So, I’ve made an appointment with my favorite torturer/therapist to understand what’s going on with my body and to chart a course a different way. My hope and prayer is that it can be corrected to not too badly impact my ability to run Berlin in September. Wish me luck.

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