Runners Body

Racing season is upon us! Many of us are clocking miles and stepping up our training. Throughout the winter, our socials regularly reminded us that “summer bodies are made in the winter”. Most of us kick things into high gear around this time — mid to late spring – with the intention of getting our best body. Slimming, toning, sculpting. It’s different for each us based on our personal goals. So what does that mean for you?

How does your summer body feel or look? How do you prepare it? Do you alter your diet, change your exercise routine? Your sleep routine? Does the weather affect you? Do you engage your family and friends in your pursuit? Do you find it fun or just grueling?

I critique myself so hard, and if you’re like me, you might also stand in the mirror or on the scale picking yourself apart. As I’ve reflected on myself these last few years, I’ve revised my self image of what I find beautiful about my body. There are some aspects I know my body shape will never achieve and I have learned to instead appreciate what it has achieved.

When I pursue my summer body, I seek to make it my very best body that also honors all the outstanding things this body has done and continues to do for me. The lollipop head look I used to have in my 20s wasn’t really as cute as I thought it was, so these days I like to hang onto a few pounds and work on toning it up. The birth of my nearly 10 year old son blessed me with a few (I really mean tiny) extra curves here and there, and my legs are still my prize accomplishments.

As a runner and yogi, I oscillate between being tense and strong or strong and lean, but I feel most comfortable when I know that my body is healthy and capable. I know that I’m able to knock out a 10 mile run or half marathon without dying and with some extra effort and training I can execute a full marathon. This body does that for me. I’ll never have a models body, but I certainly have an athletes body and it’s one I’ve grown to love.

Is your summer body getting the same love? It should be. ♥️

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