When the weather won’t let you be great!

You’ve been doing an awesome job of staying on track with your workout plan, your classes or even crushing your Fitbit steps.  Then, a snowstorm, tsunami, high dustbowl winds [or other terrible weather event]  strikes and completely obliterates your efforts to be great!  What do you do?

I know it’s tempting to curl up with a fuzzy blanket, comfort food of choice and drown out the hours with a Netflix binge, but not so fast!  You can still do SOMETHING, and here are 5 great ideas that you can do on commercial breaks or to challenge yourself to do before starting the next movie, series, or episode.

  1. While the next movie or episode is loading, stand up and do some squats.  See how many you can do before the program begins.
  2. When your family, significant other, best friend or even telemarketer calls to check on you, get off the couch and briskly pace the floor or jog in place until the call is over.  Typically 10 minutes of activity burns 100 calories, so that phone call could really help you out.
  3. Have you been focusing on your core?  Do some planks.  Switching up between side planks, low planks (on elbows) high planks (on hands), spider planks (bringing alternating knees to elbows), and shoulder taps really can keep it interesting.
  4. Another core strengthener, V sits and their taxing cousin reclined leg raises.  
  5. Are you jealous of toned sculpted arms of your favorite character in the show you’re watching?  Get your own with several sets of dips at 10 repetitions each. You’re only limited by your own drive.  

Tackling these quick exercises can keep you motivated when you can’t get to the workout you had in mind. Don’t let the weather stop you from being great!

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