Love Letters

Like most people, declaring my love for something happens on a daily basis. I love hugs from my son!  I love tea.  I really love those shoes! I love refreshing margarita and laughs with my girls!  I love it when Metro is on time. I love the side effects of running.  I love yoga! I love the beauty of my tulips blooming. I love when I have an awesome work out!!!

I suspect I’m not alone in loving a lot of stuff.

As my mind popped open this morning, far earlier than my body appreciated, I fixated on all the love letters floating around in my life.  My feet hit my rug, such a soft fluffy rug being there to welcome them. Love. Shuffling to my bathroom with unopened eyes, I remembered Nelson Mandela’s telling about his memory of the singular path to the restroom at Robbin Island sealed into his memory by decades of walking it; and I appreciated my freedom and gave a little fist bump to the Creator for not navigating me away from door jamb. More love! Flowing through sets of sun salutions, pressing the creakiness out of sleepy body, I focused my thankfulness on my breath and the function of my body and another day to share with others. Additional love! And even when I stared down my mortal enemy, the grumpy bumpy foam roller, our typical Clash of the Titans combat gave way to just more harmony and release.  Now that’s some serious love!

I’m so glad I woke up today feeling high about love! Everyday is not like this one – many days find me hectic and frenetic and love cast to the side like that one missing sock from the laundry.  So today’s perspective is one I cherish. At the top of today’s task list is to tease out my plans for the 5 week yoga series I’m teaching starting next week – and with this mornings inspiration, it will be full of chocolate ribbons of love!

Ah yes, the presence of yoga love.  Music to my soul.

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