A Runner’s Glory: Don’t Let a Change in Plans Derail Your Goals

At some point in our glamorous (or fictionally glamorous) running journeys, we will encounter obstacles.   Sometime those obstacles will inhibit our progress and other times they will simply be an unavoidable nuisance.  How we choose to cope or engage with those obstacles  is really important.  Fortunately, if you are committed to being a runner, you’re already equipped with two amazing tools – determination and perseverance.  You wouldn’t have started this sport without them, and both are honorable traits to purse and incredible tools to wield.  Sprinkle some positivity and a side of glass-half-full optimism on those traits and you’re downright unstoppable regardless of the circumstance or situation.

When faced with an obstacle, what do you do?

In my case, I can tell you what I’m going to do.  The Walt Disney World Half Marathon  (said with fireworks and flying Tinkerbells) didn’t happen as planned on January 7 due to lightning and severe weather – completely unavoidable nuisances.  With that obstacle on hand, I decided to activate optimism and reach for the silver lining.

The race would have started at 5:30am, flying in the face of my pseudo firm “no running before dawn” policy, as all the best races are wont to do.  So, silver lining #1 –  I was able to sleep in a few hours savoring, the magic sleep of the pre-light hours.  Race organizers apologized profusely for their hyper-cautious decision and offered affected runners a marvelous suite of options, one of which included deferring to participate in another runDisney race.  Silver lining #2 – I didn’t lose my exorbitant race fee!  Instead, I have the option of running the Princess Half Marathon or even the Paris Half Marathon – of course that’s also another chance to give Disney more of my much cherished coinage.

So, yes, there is sadness and a bit of disappointment in not being able to do the intended race and meet my initial goal of starting the year off running two halves this month, but all is not lost.  We will rock out the rest of our time here in this most magical of kingdoms – enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Disney and then head home a few miles lighter than expected.

Then, I focus on Miami, because I’m totally going to really enjoy all that comes with that bad mama-jamma!  Silver lining – ACTIVATED!

Have a great weekend!

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