First (Fit) Days of the New Year

Well, hello hello.  Easing into the New Year, many of us over indulged and are now eager to make amends.  I know, I’m there, too.  Gleefully and mischievously, the sugar monster seduced me with strawberry cake, sweet potato pie, Crémè Brûlée and a myriad of holiday beverages.

Although I let my discipline slide for a few days, my running plans remained firmly in place and a few accountability measures were already set up for my next steps to success.  In early December, I was notified that I would be running the Chicago Marathon in October (can you say EXCITED??)!!  I’m also registered for the DisneyWorld Half Marathon (this coming weekend) and I’ll be running Miami for a second time at the end of January.  My running schedule leaves no room for me to really abandon my goals.  Traing keeps me accountable.

I’m also supporting one of my clients and running buddies by hitting the track at 6:00am for speed work once a week.   That consistency, accountability and dedication is really paying off for both of us.  There are also new yoga clients ready to expand their minds and commune with their bodies, following more opportunities to develop and diversify their fit goals for the new year.  Starting this year off with new clients is remarkably exciting and their enthusiasm for their progress is infectious.

Do you have fit new year dreams?  A dream that you’d like to translate into an attainable goal?  I’ve been there, starting out with little direction, but a head full of ideas.  It can be tough getting started or sticking to fit new year goals without someone helping you stay on track and accountable.  If you can, start with a buddy or a small group of like minded people with similar goals and aspirations.

You can also contact me directly, if you don’t already know people to help you get started.  All tiers of my coaching services include accountability support.  It would be my absolute pleasure to be part of your team!  Call or email me to get started today.




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